NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nora Gooden will be one of tens of thousands of Taylor Swift fans at Nissan Stadium this weekend in Nashville.

Like a lot of teenagers, Nora loves music.

“She is a pop music fan,” said Jaime Gooden, her mother. “Any given day there is YouTube streaming of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, or Meghan Trainor, pretty much on loop.”

To get to the concert, the obstacles the 14-year-old and her parents have overcome are enormous. Thankfully, they’ve gotten reassurance from Nissan Stadium.

The teen from Knoxville lives with a rare and severe form of neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Nora has been taking a relatively new at-home treatment called Evrysdi.

From Disney World to the beach and the zoo, SMA has not stopped Nora from experiencing the world.

“She will be our only child, so she deserves to have all these awesome experiences. She deserves so much of that,” said her father, T.J. Gooden.

This will be Nora’s first-ever concert. Her parents have been planning for this unique undertaking for months now.

“We’ve done some power testing here to make sure her devices run as long as we need them to run,” T.J. said.

It’s the first time the family has traveled since COVID.

“This will be our first kind of back into the swing of things,” said Jaime.

“We have to bring every piece of equipment that we have or might need, and duplicates of them,” T.J. added.

Even with all the logistics to consider when traveling with Nora, they still wanted their daughter to see a concert.

In November, they entered the pre-sale event for the Swift tickets.

“We were in that cue for six and a half hours,” Jaime said.

Nora surprised with Taylor Swift tickets for her birthday. (Courtesy: Jaime Gooden)

Then for her 14th birthday, they broke the exciting news.

“November to January, I was just bursting to tell her about it,” Jamie said.

Nora’s parents said Nissan Stadium has been very accommodating to their family. Before they bought the tickets, they worked with Nissan to determine what kind of accessibility was offered. They said Nissan has gone as far as reserving extra seats around the family so that Nora’s view won’t be blocked.

“I’m thankful our experience was very seamless,” Jaime continued, “I can thank Nissan Stadium for doing that for us. They were really responsive and really great.”

With a few days still to go, mom, dad, and Nora admitted they have some nerves.

“We’re still trying to figure out how we are going to communicate with her in such a loud, crowded environment. So, we are still working on some logistics,” said Jamie.

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Plus, with rain in the forecast that could add an extra challenge to all the medical equipment needed.

However, everyone agrees it will be worth it.

“Anything, anything for our girl,” said Jaime.