Tampon Tax Break faces resistance in TN

Tennessee News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A proposal to remove taxes from feminine hygiene products in our state for three days every year, sparking some heated debate.

The Revenue Committee along with some republican senators already recommending the bill be ousted.

This primarily because of funding; Tennessee could stand to lose over $100,000 in revenue if products like tampons and pads were exempted from sales tax during the state’s annual sales-tax holiday.

State democrats arguing low-income women should not be humiliated because they can’t afford necessary products.

“When girls are missing school, they’re at a disadvantage to their male counterparts. It’s just hurting the female population in our state and across the nation to not offer these products at a reasonable price.”

Senator Sara Kyle – Bill sponsor

At least ten other states are already enforcing this kind of legislation.

As of January, Californians will no longer pay sales tax on feminine hygiene products or diapers.

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