A couple vanishes and their family fears the worst as an exhaustive manhunt continues in Putnam County.  

Kristie and Henry Wilson were last seen by family, in Monterey one month ago.  

“You can’t get past your daily life without thinking about it,” said Bridget Murphy, Kristie’s cousin. “I got to be out looking for her.” 

For the last month, daily life has a new meaning for Kristie’s family.  

Family and friends have spent much of their time along Putnam County back roads, hoping to spot the two.  

“Henry picked her up from my aunt’s house in Monterey around 8:00, May 9th. No one has seen or heard from them since,” said Kimberly Rediker, Kristie’s sister. “I just feel like two people with a vehicle don’t just vanish without someone noticing.” 

Family wasted no time filing a missing person’s report through Monterey Police, and spreading the word online. An investigation soon followed.

Monterey Police have since been involved in an exhaustive search, and found that one of the couple’s cell phones last pinged off a cell tower, off Highway 85 somewhere between Allred, and Wilder.  

Family and police have spent much of their free time scouring fields and roadside ditches around the county.  

“Places in this area that i never knew existed, places that only horses and four wheelers can get to,” said Murphy. “It’s disheartening to know we’ve looked as hard as we can look, and can’t find anything.” 

Kristie and Henry have dated now 10 years.  

“Their relationship has been rocky, but nothing points to any foul play amongst each other,” said Rediker. “I think wherever they are, they are together.”  

And wherever they are, family is exhausting every means to reach them.  

“If anyone knows anything, Kristie if you’re watching, we love you, we miss you, the baby’s miss you,” said Murphy. “Please help us, help Henry’s family, help us find closure, help us get to her.” 

The last possible sighting of the two, was at a gas station in Monterey two weeks ago. Family says the two may be driving a dark gray, older model Nissan Sentra.  

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the location of Kristie and Henry.