NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tennessee) introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday, a promise he made during his campaign.

Currently only a small minority of House Republicans support impeachment of Biden.
Despite that, in a statement Ogles’ office sent to News 2, he said he believes the president should be stripped of his position and held responsible for what he calls high crimes against the United States.

Now that the articles of impeachment have been filed, they may go to the House floor for a vote. A Senate trial would then follow a House impeachment vote.

A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict. If a president is acquitted by the Senate, the impeachment trial is over. However, if he or she is found guilty, the Senate trial moves to the sentencing or “punishment” phase.

In the statement Ogles said:

“Joe Biden hasn’t just failed the American people with his abysmal excuse for ‘leadership’ – he’s violated his sworn oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Joe Biden has repeatedly abused his position of power, both as vice president and president, to cover up his illicit family business dealings and exploitation of taxpayer resources. The American people know they can’t depend on the so-called ‘Department of Justice’ to investigate the Biden family’s corruption, and so it’s up to the U.S. Congress to hold him accountable once and for all. Joe Biden is a disgrace to the Oval Office and should be stripped of his position and held responsible for his high crimes against the United States. His accomplice, Vice President Kamala Harris, has demonstrated her extraordinary incompetence time and again. She has allowed the land invasion at our southern border to continue unchecked, threatening the livelihoods of millions and the lives of thousands who have been murdered at the hands of illegal aliens and died from illicit fentanyl.”

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There are two punishments attached to an official impeachment: removal of office and a possible ban from government service.