MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A trip with friends to Destin, Florida turned into a nightmare for a Memphis woman after her arm was nearly severed in a boating accident.

The 22-year-old fell off of a Pontoon boat and was sucked into its spinning propellers.

Friends are now rallying around her to help her pay for costly surgeries to save it. Biggi Bowers talked about her daughter’s best friend, Taj, who is now recovering in a Georgia hospital.

“I’m not sure reality has hit her yet,” Bowers said. “Of course she is on a lot of pain medicine because of the pain, the severed nerves.”

Bowers said Taj was sitting on the front of the Pontoon boat.

“As they shouldn’t be,” Bowers said.

When they hit a wave, Taj fell into the water. Bowers said her son and daughter were also on the boat. Taj was sucked under the pontoon, and her arm was hit by the propellers.

“My daughter ran in and swam to her,” Bowers said. “She said there was blood everywhere in the water.”

Bowers also said her daughter has been with Taj every since to help her make some big decisions. Taj has already had four surgeries and will likely need a dozen more to save her arm.

“And of course, Taj is worried about the money, but she has some feeling in her fingers,” Bowers said. “And so we said don’t let money make that decision.”

Bowers has already created a GoFundMe campaign to help with her mounting medical bills. She has no idea how much it will cost, but wants to make Taj’s life as normal as possible.

“I think she has decided to go through the surgeries and try to keep her arm,” Bowers said.

Taj was told there was only a 10% chance of saving her arm. However, doctors have found a pulsating vein in her arm.

Click here if you want to donate to Taj’s GoFundMe.