NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – She’s traveled the world performing under the bright lights year-round, but Dolly Parton says home is where she always is during Christmas.

“When we traveled on the road,” Parton recalled, “I never was willing to not be at home for Christmas.”

She credits her humble beginnings for keeping her grounded in what matters most in life. “We’d make homemade toys and make things for one another. Daddy would make toys out of wooden spools and that sort of thing. And, mom would do little rag dolls. Those little treasures were just as important, and just as special, as the big toys are now,” explained Parton.

For the undisputed queen of Tennessee, it was the retelling of a story that made December the 25th her most favorite time of year.

“Dad used to go cut the tree down and we would decorate it ourselves and mom would tell the story about Jesus. My family and I were big on what the true meaning of Christmas really was,” said Parton. “To me, that was just special because we were together and it was a story. And, it was Mama that made everything special. So we always try to decorate an old country tree, in addition to all our fabulous trees that we have these days.”