MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman was arrested after police say she stole over $9,000 in property from an unlocked Tesla at Starbucks on New Year’s Eve.

Officers responded to a theft call on the 6100 block of Poplar Avenue. The victim admitted to police that he left his Tesla Motors vehicle unlocked and went inside the Starbucks. When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed that items that were left in the vehicle were stolen.

According to police, the suspect stole $1,000 in cash, a $5,000 Goyard backpack, $2,000 Louis Vuitton backpack, $300 Apple iPad, $400 Apple iPhone X, $600 handgun and $500 wallet from the victim’s vehicle.

The victim notified police on New Year’s day that the suspect used his iPhone to access his PayPal account and transfer $760 to a Torian Carwell account. He also told MPD that the suspect ordered an Uber food delivery to Cane Creek Apartments.

Deputies and officers arrived at the scene on the 1500 block of Regan Street and located Torian Carwell. When asked about stealing the victim’s property and identity, Carwell, 19, told investigators that she did not remember using the victim’s PayPal.

She was charged with theft of property and 10 counts of identity theft.