Legally blind man runs into trouble after receiving counterfeit bill from bank

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Counterfeit bills have become all too common in Middle Tennessee but imagine a Springfield man’s surprise after he says a $20 bill he received from the bank was fake.  

Problem is, Paul Fulk is on a fixed income and didn’t realize the bill was counterfeit until after he used it to pay bills.  

“I’m legally blind. I fell from a high dive when I was eight, back of my head hit the concrete, my optic nerves are being strangled by scar tissue,” he explained. “I get $757 a month. That’s it. Try living on it. It’s not easy.” 

When the bills come in, Paul pays with cash or check, avoiding the pitfalls of credit cards or online payments.  

Unfortunately, some of the money this month was reportedly fake.  

It started after Paul cashed his check at Community Bank & Trust in Springfield.  

Two days later, he used part of the money to pay for his Comcast bill. He received a phone call hours later.  

“I was calling in regards to your payment you made earlier this afternoon,” said a Comcast representative through a voicemail. “One of the $20 bills you gave me actually was a counterfeit bill.” 

As per their policy, Comcast would call Springfield Police, as would Paul.  

“I called the police department, called the sheriff’s office,” he said. “Trying to figure out what’s going on with the counterfeit bill.” 

Paul said the situations with both the bank and Comcast have since been resolved. He said the bank gave him another $20 bill and that Comcast offered a free month of service for the trouble.  

For Paul though, it’s a problem of trust, knowing that phony money can be found anywhere.  

“This has really rocked my world, you don’t know whether money’s going to be good, bad,” he said. “Just pay real close attention to the bills.” 

We reached out to Community Bank & Trust multiple times and await comment.  

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