When Tennessee K-12 public students begin classes next month, the national motto “In God We Trust” will be required to be posted somewhere in their schools. 

What’s called the “National Motto Act” passed quietly at the Tennessee General Assembly last April. 

“We hang the Constitution, we hang the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents in our schools, why not the National motto?” says Republican Representative Susan Lynn who sponsored the bill. 

Representative Susan Lynn of suburban Nashville pushed the idea which had virtually no opposition. 

“I think it’s a good message that we don’t trust in government. It’s not government we trust, it’s in God we trust.” Lynn told News 2. 

Her bill says local districts shall require each school to display ‘In God We Trust” in a prominent location such as an entry, cafeteria or common area. 

“All schools display historical documents and the National Motto will be there right with it,” added the Wilson County lawmaker. 

Lynn said “Of course, there is no penalty” not displaying the motto. 

The bill’s language says the motto can take the form of a mounted plaque or even student artwork. 

Rep. Lynn said some of the mottos are even being donated by a Virginia woodworker. 

In four counties News 2 checked in Middle Tennessee, Metro-Nashville, along with Williamson, Wilson County, and Sumner County, said the motto is either up or will be posted in their schools when students return from summer vacation.