KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency conducts a yearly statewide survey to find out more about the wild turkey population. This year, the TWRA is asking for the public’s help.

Until August 31, the public is asked to report wild turkey sightings. To make the process easy, the TWRA has created a digital survey form, which can be filled out in your browser or through an app. The agency has also created a tutorial and quiz to help people tell how old the turkey is and its sex.

“This project is very important as we monitor our turkey population and gauge its annual productivity,” said Roger Shields TWRA Wild Turkey Program Coordinator.

The survey has been conducted every year since the 1980s by agency staff and cooperators. The information collected can shed light on many factors that influence turkey population trends, including nesting success, brood survival, and annual reproduction productivity.

The sightings collected by TWRA staff and volunteers will be recorded by county and summarized, regionally and statewide. To find out more on how to participate click here.