(WJHL) – Scientists are encouraging the public to get out and count birds to help round out international research efforts, and a local park is offering its own event.

The Great Backyard Bird Count is a yearly citizen-science event sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited and Audubon that gets birdwatchers out to document the number and type of birds across the globe.

From Feb. 17 to Feb. 20, anyone can take at least 15 minutes to observe a specific site. In that time, the observer will identify every bird they see or hear at that site. For help with identification, you can use the event’s partner apps:

Participants can enter their findings through the event’s apps or online at eBird. Officials with Hungry Mother State Park in Marion encouraged counters to visit their event on Feb. 17.

From an Owl Prowl with naturalist “Birdman Randy” to a birding breakfast on Feb. 18, outdoors enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the park all weekend.

“Virginia State Parks provide the perfect location to view many different types of birds,” Chippokes State Park Manager Ben Richard said in a press release. “February is a great time to come to the park and shake off the winter blues, enjoy the refreshing air and spot a variety of birds that pass through the park or make it their home. We encourage families to get involved and make a game of it.”

Checklists for Tennessee and Virginia’s most common birds are available online as well.