NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It won’t happen for a couple more weeks, but Tennessee lawmakers are already introducing bills to discuss during the special session called by Gov. Bill Lee on Aug. 21.

As of Thursday, four bills were introduced in the legislature for the special session, one filed by a Memphis-area Democrat and the other filed by Republican House Leader William Lamberth. Here are the bills that have been filed so far:

HB7001: Specifies that classes that qualify as training for issuance of an enhanced handgun carry permit or concealed handgun carry permit must include training on the use of gun locks.

HB7002: Requires each LEA, public charter school, private school, and church-related school to develop a policy to direct how students, teachers, substitute teachers, and staff are to respond when a fire alarm is activated on school premises outside of a scheduled fire drill to protect students, teachers, substitute teachers, and staff in the event the fire alarm was activated due to the presence of an active shooter on school premises.

HB7003: Expands the eligibility for filing a petition to obtain a lifetime order of protection to include victims of aggravated stalking and especially aggravated stalking.

HB7004: Require the court or chief officer of a mental health facility that orders the release of a person from the mental health facility to notify the law enforcement agency that transported the person to the mental health facility of the person’s release.