NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — You may notice a wave of darkness during the day on Saturday thanks to a rare weather phenomenon taking place.

Janet Ivey, from Janet’s Planet, explained that this is an annular eclipse. This means the moon is just slightly farther from Earth, so it won’t completely be covering the sun.

This happens because the moon is usually just slightly below or above the ecliptic plane of the Earth but sometimes it lines up perfectly and that’s how an eclipse happens.

The eclipse we will experience on Saturday is also referred to as the “Ring of Fire.”

The best and safest way to view the eclipse is with eclipse glasses. If you need a pair, click here, you will also need the same kind for the solar eclipse happening in April of 2024.

The path of totality moves across the West Coast and down into Texas. The closest place to Tennessee and Kentucky that will have a total annular eclipse is San Antonio, Texas.

Tennessee will have a partial annular eclipse.