Even deep in the conservative south, attitudes around marijuana may be shifting. 

“Being from the South, we are flag waving, God fearing, freedom loving people,” said Sen. Janice Bowling, of District 16. “That’s why I was against medical cannabis.”

But after months of research, Senator Bowling is now sponsoring a bill, hoping to see the product be grown in Tennessee. 

Bowling, alongside Rep. Ron Travis, spoke about their bill to the press Wednesday afternoon. 

Travis knows the effects that cannabis products can have firsthand, with his own granddaughter. 

“She doesn’t have eyesight, she can’t walk, she can’t sit up,”  Rep. Travis explained. ” I look at this, and CBD oil works. It makes her more comfortable.”

“That to me is what we’re doing here guys,” noted Sen. Bowling. “Trying to make our people more comfortable.”

Opposition could lie ahead in their own party. 

House Speaker Glen Casada and Governor Bill Lee have both expressed concern about marijuana. 

Bowling and Travis are calling on Tennesseans, to call their local lawmakers and make a plea. 

They hope this will lead to a solution, in a state far too dependent on opioids. 

“Will we have all the answers? Probably not. will we make all good decisions? Probably not. Will it be abused? Probably so,” said Rep. Travis. “Everything in this world is abused, but we’ve got to, to make this available for people who are in need.”

For more information on what the Medical Marijuana bill says, click here