LEVELAND, Tenn. (WATE) – A Bradley County mother is looking for answers after she says her 14-month-old son came home from daycare with second degree burns after going down a hot slide.

Ashley Elizabeth Brown posted photos to Facebook showing her son’s burns, which she says he received at La Petite Daycare in Cleveland. She says the boy slid down one of the slides and landed on the black mat at the bottom.

The daycare was asked about the incident, but no one would comment. Instead, La Petite Academy’s corporate office released a statement:

As caregivers and parents ourselves, we’re heartbroken that this has happened. Safety is of the utmost importance to us. We’re keeping the children engaged in indoor activity today as we partner with licensing to find a solution that will continue to meet state safety regulatory requirements and prevent this from happening again.

Slides are often in the sun and darker colors absorb sunlight and heat. Experts said because children’s skin is thinner, it can only take seconds for it to burn.

The father says in a Facebook post the boy is being treated at a burn center in Georgia.