LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A contempt of court charge landed a man in the Wilson County jail for 10 days.  

What did he do? He pulled out a joint and lit up in front of the judge and a packed courtroom. 

The unusual violation committed by Spencer Boston was caught on video from General Sessions Court Monday, Jan. 27.  

Boston, 20, was in court on a marijuana citation. He was standing at the podium before Judge Haywood Barry. The two discussed the case briefly, then the judge looked down.  

That’s when the 20-year-old reached into his coat pocket, pulled out a joint, struck a match and lit up. He puffed on the joint, then turned to the packed audience and said, “the people deserve better.” 

Court officers say many laughed out loud.  

The video showed the court bailiffs immediately taking Spencer Boston into custody. 

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years and this is by far the most bizarre thing I have seen in a courtroom. He is a lot braver than I am. When you go in front of a judge, there is a high level of respect in court that must be maintained, and he definitely disrespected the judge and the courtroom so there should be consequences,” said Lt. Scott Moore with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.  

According to the TBI, Spencer Boston has no prior arrest history before this incident in court.  

Moore says the act definitely looked preplanned.  

“And I saw the video myself, you could tell he had in his mind what he was going to do and what he was going to say.” 

News of the Carthage man’s arrest spread quickly online.  

There’s now a GoFundMe account established that says FREE SPENCER.  

According to sheriff’s officials, Boston’s bond is $1,500 dollars, but his actions before the Bench garnered him a contempt of court charge, which means he has to serve the full sentence the judge mandated. 

“There’s a debate over whether marijuana should be legal or not, but the bottom line is here in Tennessee it is not legal, and we have a responsibility to uphold the law and that is what we are going to do,” said Lt. Moore.  

Spencer Boston is in the Wilson County jail for disorderly conduct and simple possession charges, but it is the contempt of court that will keep him locked up for the 10 days 

Spencer Boston refused an opportunity to talk to News 2 from jail.