Tennessee family searching for $20 bill found in son’s car after fatal crash


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) —The Green family is looking for a special $20 bill after one of their sons lost his wallet at Central High School.

Melissia Cooper Green said he went Friday to Central as usual. The only difference: He was carrying a new wallet with a new ID and debit card. Shortly after heading to class, her son realized he was missing his wallet.

“He was very devastated,” Green said. “He didn’t care about his driver’s license. He did not care about his debit card.”

Photo of Jefferson ‘Jeff’ Williford. Courtesy of Melissia Green.

She said what he cared about was a $20 bill that was in the wallet. It wasn’t just an ordinary $20 bill. It carried a lot more meaning that you can’t buy with $20.

That specific $20 bill belonged to his older brother Jefferson Williford.

“He’d gotten up that morning, was going to go do something and then go to the bank, and I’m sure it was to deposit the $120 that he had,” Green said.

On May 2, 2018, Williford was turning onto Clinton Highway when another car hit his.

“Someone was test driving a car, came down Clinton Highway and ran the red light and hit him. And uh, they worked on him I think for 49 minutes and he passed away,” Green said.

Green said her family has a lot of great memories with Williford. After he died, they learned even more about what he did for his friends and co-workers.

“People started telling me, ‘Jeff did this, Jeff did that for me. Jeff, you know, made sure that I had a job. If I was having a bad day he would make me feel better. He would go buy me a Coke or a candy bar.’ I mean, he was always a giver,” Green said.

Green said at the time, Williford and another one of her sons worked at UPS. Williford was a supervisor, and when he passed, his brother filled his shoes.

Now, the younger brother looking for his wallet, wants to follow in Williford’s shoes. He recently started working at UPS. Green said losing that $20 bill devastated him.

Green said after the crash, Williford’s car was destroyed, and so was most of what was inside. A few weeks later, when they were able to grab what was left of his belongings from the car, Green found the envelope with the $20 bills inside.

“I thought, you know, I’m never going to spend that. I’m going to give it to the people he loved,” Green said.

So, she did along with a personal message on the back of the bills, which in part reads “Jefferson ‘Jeff’ May 2nd, 2018, 11:06.”

Photo of $20 similar to the bill the Green family is looking for. Courtesy of Melissia Cooper Green.

Green is asking if anyone sees this $20 bill, email her at lovinlittleme69@gmail.com, or message her on Facebook at Melissia Cooper. She will require a picture to prove it’s the same $20 they are looking for.

She said they will exchange the $20 with another that has no meaning to her family.

“This was his brother’s last money to his name. It can’t be replaced,” Green said.

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