Tennessee author releases book of motherly advice


A Tennessee mom has a new book out this year, and her goal is to help other moms take better care of themselves.

Heather Cook is an author from Kingsport and she stopped by WKRN to talk about her new book called “You’re Welcome, Mama.” It’s a mom’s version of self-care, a little motivational and a lot lighthearted. 

“I will tell a funny story, hopefully it resonates with mothers because it’s happened to them, too, whether they are admitting to it or not. And then I have a theme for each chapter, you know we don’t have time, we feel like we are failing, we are stressed out, we don’t have a journey we are just surviving life.  So how can we take those themes and have bite-sized actionable things that we can actually do in our day that will help us,” said Cook.

Cook got the idea for the book after having her daughter.

“Her name is Piper and she is 4-years-old, going on 14! She is independent and sassy. This book is kind of a journey of when she was born, some of those early moments of feeling overwhelmed and I kinda of suck at life! It’s this motivational journey to, ‘OK, I suck at life, now I can do this.’ I want to share that with other Momma’s because I feel like they feel like they have to have it all together, all the time. We have to be super heroes every day and we can’t share with anyone that we have hard times.  I wanna say it’s OK to do that and be real,” said Cook.  

Cook said she hopes this book helps other moms who are going through the same things.

“What I hope is that if you are working through it and there is a nugget that sticks with you  and you think, I can do this. It’s not these huge take on these huge risks and change your whole lifestyle, because we can’t mentally think  we can do that.”

Although the themes in the book are universal to mothers everywhere, Cook said young and new moms will relate the most.

“For example in chapter 2 about time, the challenge is to create space and not waste. How often do we just zone out looking at social media and we didn’t even realize we did it? Then we wasted 20  minutes or  more of our day. So one of the challenges is most Momma’s have to do lists. So at the end of your day you are going to do 2 things, you are going to always end your day with a list. 1, what you accomplished, so you can feel good about what you’re checking off, and then two, you are going to go ahead and make your list for the next day, so you can rest better feeling assured that I know what I need to do tomorrow. 

“You’re Welcome, Mama” is available on Amazon. 

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