Teens who led police on wrong-way chase down I-40 connected to Dickson Co. robbery

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two Memphis teenagers are still behind bars after a mini crime wave that put hundreds of people in jeopardy from Williamson to Dickson counties. 

Tuesday afternoon, two Memphis teens lead area law officers on a high-speed chase the wrong way on I-40. But hours earlier, they allegedly went to a Dickson County convenience store with a gun. 

An employee, who chose not to be identified, talked to News 2 about her coworker who was held up at gunpoint Tuesday morning. 

“She’s the bravest woman I know. She is very smart and remained very calm through this whole thing.” 

It all started when a gold Chevy Malibu pulled up to the pumps. Investigators say the car was stolen the day before in Memphis.  

Video from the store showed the two teens getting out of the suspect vehicle. Investigators say 19-year-old George McKinley Jr. and an unidentified 17-year-old wearing a hoodie entered the store. 

“She doesn’t have a clue he is coming in,” said the coworker.  

On video, the 17-year-old nonchalantly pointed the gun at the clerk. He demanded the cash while George McKinley goes behind the counter.  

“That creeps me out she had no idea he was back there,” the coworker says. 

Then, in a moment right out of the dumbest criminal’s handbook, the teens ordered the clerk to turn on the pump so they can purchase gas.  

“He is making her turn on the gas to fill the car.” 

While the 17-year-old pumps gas into the get-a-way car. McKinley watches over the clerk 

“She said her heart was racing. She just wanted them to get what they wanted and leave,” the coworker says. 

Suddenly, a state employee checking cigarette stamps enters.  

“She didn’t have a clue. He said remain calm, not say a word. So, she is being robbed and this lady has no idea she is being robbed,” said the coworker.  

Soon, the young men leave, the women lock the door, and within minutes Dickson sheriff’s deputies arrived. A picture of the getaway car to area law officers paid dividends.  

Four hours later, Williamson County and then members of the 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force spotted the armed robbery suspects.  

McKinley would later tell officers he wasn’t going back to jail and he drives like it as he crosses through the median and then drives against traffic on I-40 for seven miles. 

The teens ultimately wrecked, and both were captured.  

“I’d say what are you thinking your whole life is over do you want to spend it in prison,” said the coworker.  

The 17-year-old is currently in the Williamson County Detention Center and the 19 McKinley is behind bars in the Dickson County Jail.  

Amazingly, nobody was hurt in the robbery or the high-speed pursuit.  

Employees said money from the robbery was recovered in the stolen car. 

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