Teenager arrested after wearing ankle bracelet while committing crime


NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An 18-year-old High School Student pleads guilty to trying to break into cars in Nolensville.

The teen literally left clues at the crime scene that helped detectives find him quickly.

On the morning of February 1st, 2020,
a doorbell camera captures a crime in progress in an upscale Nolensville neighborhood.

According to Nolensville Police, that’s where 18-year-old Teron Spain and another man jump out of a moving car and begin pulling door handles.

The doors are locked, so Spain runs back to the waiting car.

On the way, he drops his cell phone and his wallet.

Video shows the 18-year-old picking up his phone but leaving behind his wallet in the street.

Hours later, the homeowner finds that wallet and calls Nolensville Detectives.

Detective Stephen Hale tells News 2 tracking him from there was not difficult.

Once they have the wallet, police know they are looking for Teron Spain. They find him at John Overton High School in Nashville where he is a student.

When detectives encounter the student, he says nothing.

Detective Hale says, “I asked him if he had any knowledge of any type of attempted break-ins to vehicles in Nolensville. He said I was making him nervous, and he requested a lawyer.”

Police believe Spain is their suspect, but they need more.

That’s when detectives notice the 18-year-old is wearing an electronic ankle monitor from an undisclosed incident when he was a minor.

Using the ankle monitor technology, it’s relatively easy for detectives to track Spain on the street where the attempted car burglaries took place.

And police confirm the times that Spain was in the neighborhood are consistent on both his ankle bracelet and neighborhood license plate recognition cameras that document Spain’s get-a-way car both entering and exiting the community.

These time coordinates are also verified by the doorbell camera that shows Spain and a still unidentified man attempting to break into cars.

Police tell News 2, Spain was in Williamson County Court on Wednesday, February 12th, where detectives say he pleaded guilty to 2 counts of attempted theft from a motorized vehicle.

Investigators say he has been sentenced to two years probation.

Officers also credit the homeowner for not only finding the wallet but keeping the car doors locked prompting the men to move on.

Police say they are working to identify the car and the 2 other suspects

If you have any information, contact the Nolensville Police Department (615)776- 3640.

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