TECB working with AT&T to learn more about service disruptions after Christmas morning bombing


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Christmas Day bombing disrupted cell service and downed 911 lines across the region. Areas not only in Tennessee but also in Kentucky and Alabama were impacted.

The Tennessee Emergency Communications Board (TECB) seeks to ensure that every Tennessean has access to 911, and they are working with AT&T to make sure that happens in the event of another disaster.

In Wednesday’s meeting, the Executive Director of the TECB, Curtis Sutton, read a letter sent in by Joelle Phillips, the President of AT&T Tennessee. While AT&T’s infrastructure held up well immediately after the bombing near their 2nd Avenue building, some things did go wrong. 

“Our building remained structurally sound, and our network facilities continued to function until the loss of backup battery power in the face of an explosion that was felt miles away and resulted in significant damage to more than 40 buildings in downtown Nashville.”

Currently, AT&T is working with Public Safety Answering Points, or PSAPs, where 911 calls are received and routed to learn more about the disruptions in service that occurred after the explosion.

Input from the Emergency Communications Board is also a priority, and AT&T is allowing the TECB to designate a participant in these continuing investigations to compile information on behalf of the board. Those results will be available at the May meeting of the TECB.

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