NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A winter storm is set to impact areas from Texas up into the Ohio River Valley through the end of the week and there is some potential for ice to develop in portions of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. TDOT is keeping a careful eye on the forecast and is ready to treat roads if they start to get icy.

Nichole Lawrence, the TDOT Community Relations Officer for Region 4, says that staying up-to-date with any changes to the forecast is crucial, “As we monitor the situation, the National Weather Service feeds us information. And you know, we watch all the new stations and we so we just try to make the best decision we can as the time progresses.”

Rain will move in first, followed by freezing rain Thursday night into Friday. The rain makes treating the roads ahead of time more of a challenge.

According to Lawrence, TDOT has ways to deal with this situation, “We can get out there with salt, straight sal,t and let it mix in with the rain. So there are ways that we can go around the so-called pre-treatment and get out there and help the roads in any way possible.”

The greatest chance for travel impacts will be north and west of the Nashville metro. In the meantime, TDOT recommends keeping an eye on the forecast and monitoring road conditions Thursday night into Friday. 

“We just want you know, motorists to pay attention plan ahead. Keep an eye out on their road conditions you know, call 511 or check our smart way map for those road conditions and just plan accordingly,” says Lawrence.