A new study ranks Nashville as one of the top cities to reap the health benefits from the rise in CBD.

CBD is the close cousin of marijuana, but CBD has only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient that makes you high.

After 18 years of suffering migraines, Nashvillian Van Hayes found his answer in CBD.

“When you suffer from them 20 to 25 times a month, you have those options to either push through them or succumb to them,” said Hayes. “Being able to use CBD on a regular basis is one of those options that I found has really giving me quite relief in regards to not only being able to continually function on a regular basis, but being able to keep me clear headed.”

The benefits, backed by minimal research on the cannabinoid, going beyond migraines.

David Duncan owns Music City Hemp Store downtown.

“A lot of my customers are 50 and older – arthritis is a big deal and certainly sleep, too, yes,” said Duncan.

According to a new study by CBD Project Awareness, arthritis and sleep deprivation are two of the top health issues in Music City in which residents could benefit from CBD.

Other top reasons include a prevalence of blood pressure and smoking.

According to the study, the culmination of the health conditions puts Nashville at number 17 in the top 25 cities that could benefit from the cannabinoid.

“Of course a lot of anxiety and inflammation – that’s pretty common,” said Duncan. “Migraine, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.”

The products started with CBD oils, salves, and smokable hemp and have evolved into bath creams, pet products, anxiety kits, and edibles like lollipops.

“A lot of people use them when driving across Nashville,” said Duncan. “It’s a stress reducer, great for anxiety.”

They’re endless benefits Hayes said is clouded by the stigma of CBD’s close cousin marijuana, something he hopes will fade away.

“Don’t be nervous of the product, test the product, don’t be afraid of the stigma behind the products,” said Hayes.