Street racing spreading beyond Southeast Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – “Now it’s going to be full throttle.”

Councilwoman Joy Styles fears what the warm temperatures combined with vaccination rates will do to street racing in Nashville.

“It’s spread. I think a lot of people thought oh this is just a Southeast problem, but it’s not. This is city wide. It’s happening in every single corner in every district if you speak to a councilmember, they will tell you they’ve received complaints,” Styles said.

Styles said police are continuing to monitor more than a dozen hot spot locations as well as tracking social media posts to combat the dangerous issue. But Styles said police cannot be everywhere.

That’s why she and other councilmembers are pushing for license plate readers to be installed throughout the city to help not only the police force, but to ensure safety on the roadways.

But Styles thinks that’s not the only solution that could help stop the speeders. She also looks forward to the approved south police precinct to improve response times to calls of street racing.

“And I know that it is going to take some time to build. We’re not looking to see this until maybe 2023, but isn’t it worth it to know that it’s coming? Because for the longest time we were just begging for it,” Styles said.

A vote by the Metro Council is expected on Tuesday night to approve or reject LPR technology.

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