NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WFLA) – Sorting through all of the Black Friday deals can be a lot of work for shoppers.

This year, personal finance website WalletHub did a lot of the legwork for you. WalletHub surveyed 8,000 deals from 35 of the biggest retailers’ 2016 Black Friday ad scans to find the stores with the biggest discounts in product categories like “appliances,” “jewelry” and “toys.”

WalletHub found that Macy’s had the highest overall discount rate at 63.35 percent and Big Lots had the lowest at 25.52 percent.

Here’s something that you should keep in mind if you plan on shopping Black Friday deals; the overall average discount for Black Friday is 39 percent, consumers should aim for this discount or higher to avoid Black Friday traps.WalletHub found that these ten stores offer the deepest discounts on Black Friday.

1) Macy’s (63.35% average discount)

2) Stage (62.81% average discount)

3) JC Penney (62.79% average discount)

4) Harbor Freight (62.58% average discount)

5) Gordmans (61.59% average discount)

6) Kohl’s (58.15% average discount)

7) Shopko (55.55% average discount)

8) Fred Meyer (49.70% average discount)

9) Craft Warehouse (45.03% average discount)

10) Sears (43.89% average discount)See the complete WalletHub 2016 Black Friday ad survey here.

If some of this year’s Black Friday ads look familiar, your mind is not playing tricks on you. WBAY is reporting that found 96 percent of the top 25 retailers are repeating Black Friday offers from last year, and 80 percent are repeating five or more (they stopped counting at five). Sears was the most likely to recycle – 28 percent of the offers advertised this year were advertised last year, too) – followed by office supply stores Office Depot/Office Max (20.5 percent) and Staples (18.2 percent).

The retailers with the “freshest” deals in 2016 were Dell Home (2.7 percent recycled), CVS Pharmacy (3.4 percent) and Target (4.1 percent).

But if you didn’t take advantage of those deals last year, hoping the price would go down, you’ll be disappointed to hear it’s likely to cost you an average of $11.88 more per item than last year.Here are some links to the Black Friday sections on major retailers’ websites. Many retailers are already having “Pre-Black Friday” sales.