Stolen therapy pig reunited with owner


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman said her pet pig who works as a therapy animal was stolen right from her front yard.

Sydney Forestal recalled the heartbreaking moments she sprinted after two people in a truck she said took her beloved pet pig named Barbie.

“It’s not just a pet pig,” Forestal cried. “I work with her. She’s my passion of what I do, working with individuals and creating a movement in animal therapy.”

Barbie and Forestal’s other pig named Elvis are well-known for their work in the community as therapy animals. 

“Barbie has been just making people smile her whole life,” Forestal explained. “We’ve been working with adults with developmental disabilities. We work with children with high-risk needs.”

Barbie is also a mascot for popular “pig yoga” events.

She said it was on Wednesday after she worked with Barbie, she let her two pigs hang out in her front yard around 1:30 p.m., and that’s when she believes Barbie was taken.

“I heard my neighbor yelling, ‘Help me!’ so I ran outside and she said that somebody took my pig, and I saw the black truck,” Forestal said.

She said she raced after them for a couple of blocks before they got away.

She pleaded for help on Facebook for any information leading to the beloved pig.

“She has a job. She doesn’t deserve to be treated wrong.”

Someone soon spotted the pig in a yard about 10 minutes away from her home. 

Forestal has since been reunited with Barbie and they are set to return to work.  

It is not known who took her. 

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