Statute of limitations prevents charges against ex-Nashville publicist Kirt Webster


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 has obtained the Metro police report that shows Austin Rick accusing publicist Kirt Webster of sexual assault.

The police report shows there was enough evidence to prosecute, but the statute of limitations prevented investigators from moving forward.

In an interview with News 2 Thursday, Austin Rick said he hopes this proves he wasn’t speaking out for monetary gain.

“I’ve never been out for Kirt Webster’s money and I don’t want him in jail,” he told News 2. “I want his downfall and demise from the music industry to ensure that he has no power or leverage over anyone ever again.”RELATED: Nashville publicist Kirt Webster steps down to fight allegations of sex abuse

In late October, the former country singer wrote on Facebook that Webster had sexually assaulted him early in his career. Even offering publicity in exchange for sex acts. Webster has denied the allegations.

Two weeks later, on November 15, Rick went to the police. Investigators wrote in the police report that in 2008, Rick said Webster forced a sex act on him while he was at Webster’s home.

Rick says since he has come forward, he’s spoken with other alleged victims. Some were victimized by Webster before he was and some were victimized afterward, he says.

“I’m sorry for each and every one of those victims,” Rick told News 2. “I can’t take any of it back but I came forward as soon as I could. Now that I have I’m not gonna stop.”

He says he has new legal representation. Without getting into details, he said he’s pursuing legal avenues with other victims. He wants to shake up those in music industry who he says were complicit in his sexual abuse.

Mostly though, he says he wants to stop Kirt Webster.

“I just need the truth to be out there,” he said. “I need to know this man will be eventually powerless in this industry. I don’t want him to ever take any more victims.”

Rick says the last time he talked to Webster was one week before he shared his story on Facebook. He sent Webster a text message that said “I’m going to tell people every detail about everything you did to me.”

He said Webster never wrote back.

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