Statements pour in as Megan Barry resigns as Nashville’s mayor


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the hours since Megan Barry resigned from her position as Nashville’s mayor, statements from political figures and Nashville officials have poured in.

Before resigning late Tuesday morning, Barry appeared in a Nashville courtroom where she pleaded guilty to felony theft of property over $10,000 charges.

As part of the conditions of a plea agreement, Barry had to step down as mayor. This all stems from her affair with her then head of security, Sgt. Robert Forrest. Forrest has since retired from the Metro-Nashville Police Department and he also pleaded guilty to theft.

Vice Mayor David Briley was sworn in as the eighth mayor of Metro-Nashville at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Megan Barry said she supports Briley, saying, “I fully support Nashville’s new mayor, David Briley. I have always supported our great city’s elected leadership. It’s time for Nashville to turn the page and keep on making progress for everyone.”

“It’s a sad day for both Nashville and Mayor Barry. But Nashville is bigger than just one person. We’ll do what we’ve always done in challenging times – we’ll come together and continue to move the city forward. We anticipate a smooth transition and will work with Mayor Briley to keep our tourism industry strong. We have no reason to believe our momentum as a global destination won’t continue.” – Butch Spyridon, President and CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. 

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Megan Barry’s husband, Bruce Barry said, quoting Groucho Marx. 

“Megan Barry has done what she needs to do in the best interest of Nashville and I respect her for it.  Now, we all need to rally around Mayor Briley so that he can effectively lead our city and continue without interruption to build on its great success.” – Phil Bredesen

“I’m deeply saddened by the chain of events that led to Mayor Barry’s decision. She and her team have been exceptionally supportive of important initiatives in our community, from the redevelopment of the former mall to the relocation of Hillwood High School. The Bellevue area has benefited from the work her administration has done to focus energy outside the city core. I’m also quite relieved that this matter has reached a resolution. Given the actions that have come to light and a series of ongoing investigations, it has been clear for some time that the city would be best served if our focus could turn back to the important issues facing our community,” – Councilman Dave Rosenberg said in part

“This is an important moment for Nashville. We have a long history of coming together and overcoming every challenge we have faced. Each time this has resulted in our becoming a stronger and more vibrant city. This time will be no different. Nashville is a great city with thousands of talented and dedicated employees throughout the government. They will go about serving the metropolitan government today, the same as they did yesterday…” Charles Robert Bone said in part. 

“I think it’s a sad day for Nashville, but I think today we do begin the process of healing. Nashville will need that and we’ll have to unite and stand firm as a city because we have a lot of challenging work before us…” – Council member Steve Glover said. 

“It is a sad day and hard day for Nashville – a city that is really important to the state of Tennessee. But Nashville has had a lot of great days in the past and will have a lot more in the future.” – Gov. Bill Haslam

“A very sad day for Nashville. I enjoyed working with Mayor Megan Barry so much these 6.5 years – four together on the council. I have 100 percent faith and confidence in my friend and colleague David Briley. We will move our great city forward.” Anthony Davis

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