NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The State of the Metro Transit Authority report was released Monday giving an overview of where things stand with the service and its future needs.

The report highlighted major issues with the service, which included the expansion of MTA services not keeping pace with growth, the transit demand that will grow faster than the population growth, MTA providing small city service for a city that is no longer small and that the service isn’t attractive to most residents.

Mayor Karl Dean has been a big supporter of mass transit during his time as mayor and released this statement regarding the report,

“Improving transit is a priority for Nashvillians. In order to reduce traffic congestion and compete economically with our peer cities, we know we need to expand and improve our transit system. This report underscores that need and helps set the course for improvements.

As the report notes, Nashville has made progress with BRT Lite routes, and I am proud of other investments that have made transit more accessible, including the Music City Circuit; the StrIDe program that gives Metro high school students bus passes; and 100 new bus shelters we have installed around the city.

The Metro Transit Authority’s annual operating budget has more than doubled over the past eight years, from $18.2 million to $40 million, and we’ve invested more than $130 million in MTA capital projects.”

Click here to read the full report.