State, local officials join to discuss rare total solar eclipse


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We’re just 19 days away from the epic eclipse, and that means state agencies are hard at work to prepare.

Many of Tennessee’s leaders were at the Adventure Science Center on Wednesday to talk Aug. 21.

They were discussing just about every aspect of the upcoming solar eclipse, from potential problems to unanswered questions about what to expect.

You can imagine it takes a lot of planning and preparing to coordinate with all the different agencies, and the folks at the Adventure Science Center told News 2 the rare nature of this event makes it even harder to plan ahead.

“For over a year, we’ve been bringing together community leaders and government leaders and school systems and businesses to talk about the eclipse that’s coming to prepare and share information,” said Alexis Mccoy with the science center.

“If it was the Super Bowl or the Olympics then we would know exactly how to prepare for this, but it’s been over a century since we’ve had something like this, thus people need to get together and talk about it,” he explained.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation, Metro Nashville Police Department, and National Weather Service, along with other county leaders and municipalities, were all there.

Wednesday’s meeting was just one of many that have been ongoing since the eclipse event first came to light.

While the eclipse begins at 11 a.m. on Monday Aug. 21, it will reach totality around 1:28 p.m., making the sky go dark for upwards of 3 minutes, depending on where you live. When will it reach your house and how long will it last? Find the answer here.

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