Gov. Lee to address criminal justice reform, school choice during state address


Along with a variety of education initiatives, criminal justice reform and school choice are two of the topics Gov. Bill Lee will address in his first State of the State speech on Monday.

“Tune in on Monday,” House Republican Majority Leader William Lamberth told reporters Thursday. “I think there is going to be quite a bit to talk about and write about afterward.”

Gov. Lee has already been talking about some of the things the address — like rural economic development, increased vocational-technical training, and more funds to increase school security, add resource officers and treat those with mental health issues.

“It will really be specifics around what we have been talking about for two years,” Lee told News2 earlier this week.

Lee, once a little-known businessman, went on to easily win the governor’s race with a simple message: we need good schools, good jobs, and safe neighborhoods.

But what about education savings accounts or vouchers?

“We will be talking about choices, and I do believe that when parents have choices, then the entire education system will be improved,” Lee said. 

Late Thursday, Gov. Lee proposed his ideas for criminal justice reform, which is something Rep. Lamberth supports from his days a prosecutor.

“You are going to hear more about educational and training opportunities for those who have run afoul of the law,” Lamberth said. 

In the coming weeks, Gov. Lee will travel across the state to redeliver the address to Tennesseans. 

Lee’s State of the State address is Monday, March 4 at 6 p.m. during a joint session of the Tennessee House and Senate. Watch it LIVE on News 2. 

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