Special friendship helps student earn degree from Lipscomb


A special friendship was on display at Lipscomb University on Saturday. 

Student Seth Walker graduated with his Bachelor’s in theology and ministry.

Walker has cerebral palsy and some simple tasks are difficult for him, and his speech isn’t always understandable. 

To help overcome these challenges, Ken Brassell stepped in to help. 

“So I went and talked to his family and talked to Seth, and came to the conclusion that it might work…so here we are five years later,” said Ken Brassell 

In 2014 Walker’s parents made a plea to their church community in Hendersonville. Walker wanted to attend college but would need help. Brassell felt called from God to do so. 

While Brassell maintained his own job as a financial analyst, he managed to help Walker each day in class. First, he helped Walker through his Associates Degree from Vol State. Then, his Bachelor’s from Lipscomb. 

On Saturday afternoon, the crowd gave Walker a standing ovation when he received his diploma. 

“He’s worked very hard, no one could deserve any more honor than what he’s getting,” said Brassell 

However, Brassell received a surprise of his own by being awarded an honorary Bachelor’s Degree from Lipscomb. 

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