Southwest cancels all flights at BNA


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s certainly not uncommon to see flight delays and cancelations due to weather. But the issue with this winter storm is ice, and that adds another layer of complication to air travel.

Thousands of flights are delayed or canceled as this winter storm pounds the Southeast.

“Our flight got canceled for two days, so we’re kinda just stuck out here,” said Drew Judson. “It’s a little bit different from Austin. That’s where we’re from.”

But he’s taking the white winter experience in stride.

“We don’t really get to see this very often, so just might as well make the most of it.”

At Nashville International Airport, the flight board tells the tale.

“Ice is tough,” said Kym Gerlock, a spokeswoman for BNA. She expects delays and cancelations, to linger well into the evening.

“We have mitigating agents that help prevent the ice from actually sticking to the runway on the airfield. That’s certainly been used.”

But the cold temperatures increase the chances of refreezing.

Flights in and out of Nashville delayed or canceled due to winter storm

“Southwest has canceled all of their flights to BNA today,” said Gerlock. “And lots of other delays and cancelations.”

And while the airport is open, Gerlock urges travelers to be prepared before heading to the airport.

“Check with your airlines for the flight status before heading out to the airport. BNA is open. We’re monitoring the weather. We’re working 24/7 out there to mitigate the conditions on the airfield, and we’ll update the public if anything changes,” Gerlock said.

The roads to and from the airport as well as the ground transportation hub are open, but rideshare vehicles are currently unavailable. If you are heading to the airport, you’ll need to find another mode of transportation.

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