Southern Hemp Expo returns to Middle Tennessee


Whether you’re looking for the newest CBD oils, hemp flower, edibles, drinks, even manufacturing equipment – look no further than the Southern Hemp Expo.

The trade show is back for a second year in Middle Tennessee, this year at the Williamson County Ag Expo in Franklin.

“There’s a lot of products here, but they’re all very distinct,” said vendor Gregory Scarborough.

Scarborough traveled all the way from his hemp farm in Oregon to be at the expo.

“I’m trying to make a move back to the south with our products,” said Scarborough. “I see the potential of people really into nature, natural healing, a lot we can do here.”

But dozens of Tennessee hemp businesses, like Bristol-based Hemp Company LLC, made a strong presence at the trade show.

News 2 caught up with Hemp Company LLC CEO Allen Hurley.

“We’re debuting this product officially here at the Southern Hemp Expo in Nashville,” said Hurley. “We want to do that, it’s our home state.”

His new whole plant separator was a hot spot for farmers.

“It’s basically like automated hand bucking, so it’s about 10 times faster than bucking your plants by hand,” said Allen.

At $8,000 to $10,000 a machine – that’s about half the cost of competitors.

“Creates a tremendous amount of efficiency, lowers costs, and gives you a more pure flower to go to process,” said Allen.

Hurley explained the impact on consumer prices after more better equipment gets on the market.

“They’ll be able to get it to the processors, the processors will be able to process more efficiently, which will overall, lower the price,” said Hurley.

Knoxville-based Myco Sativa displayed some of their newest products like its CBD B-Fly Tea.

“We’re infusing CBD, L-theanine , Lion’s Mane for neuroprotective effects,” said Ho. “Plus, phytoceramides inside, which enhances your skin.”

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