NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Animal shelters can sometimes be a stressful place for pets while waiting for their forever homes, mostly due to how loud it can get.

Friends of M.A.C.C., the non-profit arm for Metro Animal Care and Control, raised $15,000 to install a sound baffling system on the adoption floor.

“Before we had our sound baffling installed, it was quite loud in the kennels, we can sometimes have 40 to 60 dogs in the room, which is quite a lot of noise if they all start to bark at the same time,” said Dr. Staci Cannon with Metro Animal Care and Control.

“Before, all of the barking would echo throughout it was just overwhelming stressful for the dogs, stressful for the people all of the adopters, visitors, staff and volunteers. Now we are so happy we have had these sound baffling panels installed in all of our kennels through the building it definitely has cut down on the echo and the noise, it’s a lot happier and calmer for the dogs,” added Dr. Cannon.

“It can get very loud, up to 110 decibels, to put that into perspective, that’s like having a jackhammer right next to your ear drum, a lawn mower engine,even a rock band, all day everyday. It adds undue stress for our animals, also for our volunteers and our staff and members of the community who are coming in looking to adopt,” said Jessica Howard, a board member with Friends of MACC.

On any given day, MACC has around 250 animals waiting for their forever homes.

Metro Animal Care and Control is located at 5125 Harding Place. Click here for more.