Something a ‘fowl’ in an East Nashville neighborhood?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some would say that it is not every day that you see a sight like this…

Wild Turkeys in East Nashville

wild turkeys…in a highly developed urban neighborhood!

But that’s exactly what an East Nashville resident found on Wednesday, as these gobblers trotted down the street!

Barry Cross with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency says this is not as unusual as you would think, and that the turkey population has really increased during the last 30-40 years.

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“When I was a kid, I didn’t see turkeys,” noted Cross. “The first time I saw turkeys was back in 1980-ish. I was out deer hunting and I had a group of turkeys walk through the woods. And at first, I didn’t even know what they were. That’s how unusual it was for me at that time. Nowadays, through the advances and the work that TWRA has done, through modern wildlife management, turkeys are everywhere.”

And it only takes a little of their type of habitat for them to be in your neighborhood.

“If you have a wooded area nearby, if you have grassy fields nearby that are grown up, you have several types of habitat there,” Cross said. “And animals will use that habitat. But they will also use the neighborhood that you live in from time to time. And you may see animals during the daytime hours, especially those who are not nocturnal like a turkey or a deer. However, I will tell most people in most areas in this state, you have everything from skunks, to possums, to armadillos, to foxes and coyotes running through your neighborhood at night. You just don’t see them because it’s under the cover of darkness.”

Cross said to enjoy the view of the wildlife, but it’s best not to feed them.

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