NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some Republican state lawmakers objected to the Tennessee Department of Health providing outreach to get children 12 years and older vaccinated.

The fiery committee meeting led to the firing of the state’s top vaccinations expert and an end to outreach to minors concerning any kind of vaccine.

Some members of the General Assembly, including Sen. Janice Bowling, are continuing to spread misinformation about COVID-19.

“We all scientifically know that coronavirus throughout the science of coronavirus they morph, and they morph and each morph is a weaker, maybe more contagious, but less lethal,” Bowling said.

When asked specifically where she received the information that the COVID-19 variants are less deadly the Tullahoma Republican did not answer the question.

“India had an outbreak of it — they immediately started to use Ivermectin, it shut down the outbreak,” Bowling claimed.

NOTE: Currently, organizations like NIHWHO, and the FDA do not recommend using ivermectin as a COVID treatment, except only in clinical trials. There is also currently no proof that the drug caused a drop in cases in India.

The firing of Dr. Michelle Fiscus came days after the GOP-led committee grilled Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey about information sent to medical providers in the event children in Tennessee ask for a vaccine.

Bowling said, “That’s none of my business I have no idea.” In response to whether or not she approves of the firing of Fiscus.

Bowling attempted to dodge News 2’s questions waiting for the members-only elevator in Cordell Hull. She argued in the past that the ‘Mature Minor’ Doctrine, which is Tennessee Supreme Court Case law, does not give authority to children 14 and older to make their own medical decision in some cases.

“What we do know, this Delta variant is dangerous, it is hurting folks who aren’t vaccinated — again getting a vaccine is absolutely your personal choice and nobody wants to take that away from you, but what we must realize is that there is a deadly disease out there,” Rep. London Lamar said.

The Memphis Representative added the political and appointed leaders should put aside the partisan rhetoric. “We must encourage those people to act responsibly and make their decisions based on facts — the health department should be one of those departments that should not be politicized.”

Tennessee doctors, the White House, and the CDC all say that the Delta variant is more dangerous than the previous variants.

Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey will have her first media availability concerning the Delta variant Friday.