WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (WKRN) – News 2 photojournalist Boyd Sadler has been covering the Goodlettsville All-Stars as they play their way to the top of the Little League World Series.

One tradition Sadler got to experience first-hand was sliding down the hill at Lamade Stadium.

“This is my first year coming so I was just asking my dad for a while so that we could come here because it always looks really fun on TV,” said baseball fan Jack Taylor.PHOTOS: Goodlettsville All-Stars

“You’ll see them coming in here with cardboard. You know they don’t watch these games, they’re over here sliding on the hill,” said local resident Bill Klinger.

The start of the hill is the steepest and the bumpy ride down makes it hard to stay on the cardboard,” said Sadler.

The boys from Goodlettsville were set to face the Mid-Atlantic regional champs Sunday, but the game was postponed until Monday because of the weather.News 2 is the only TV station with the team and has been following them since their first game at the Southeast Regional. Click here to read more about the All-Stars.