Single mom burglarized her first night at J.C. Napier housing complex


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Heartache for a mother and her children who had just moved into their first apartment after years of being homeless. Thieves struck less than 24 hours later.

Now the community is helping them replace what was stolen and then some.

“They took the microwave, they took the food, they took the TV like they just came in here and just took everything with them like it was theirs,” said Laquita Lampkins.

Lampkins and her three kids moved into the J.C. Napier Homes affordable housing off Lafayette Street Friday.

“I lost my place… like almost four years ago,” Lampkins told News 2, “So we been staying like with family members and stuff like that, and stayed we went to family mission and stayed there and stuff, but it’s been a journey.”

It was their first night in a home to call their own.

“We were sleeping and then I hear some ‘boom boom boom’ then I say ‘Who is it?’ but ain’t nobody say nothing so I was like ‘We don’t have nothing downstairs, so maybe it’s just the neighbors or somebody outside doing something,” Lampkins recalled.

The next morning they awoke to find the door wide open and the few items they had were gone, Including the food in the fridge.

“Our microwave was gone… all our food was gone. My TV was gone that was in the living room, my son’s game was gone,” she said.

The shocking part, Lampkins says, she’s positive she locked the doors, but, there was no sign of forced entry. Only the screen lock damage that she says was there was when they moved in.

Her theory is that whoever took her things — had a key.

“I stayed up all night last night because my daughter was so scared so I just told her she can go to sleep, and I just stay up and watch over them while they sleep,” Lampkins said.

Her close family friend, Melanie Tomczak said she had to take action.

“Quita called me on Saturday… and said I got into my apartment, which is a journey we’ve been walking through the last couple years, and she said, ‘I got into my apartment, but I woke up this morning and someone apparently had been in my house,” Tomczak said.

She made a Facebook post on Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon, help was pouring in.

“It’s just been insane to see, a community, people that not only live inside of Nashville but outside of Nashville, saying what can I do, how can I help?” Tomczak said.

“It makes me feel real good that people is out that is willing to help,” Lampkins added.

Donations like a new microwave, some groceries, and two door-stoppers.

“What the enemy intended for harm, God has really turned into a massive insane amount of good than the damage of what was initially done the night before last,” Tomczak said.

Lampkins says she did file a police report and there are cameras outside of her unit. She tells News 2 she’s also going to ask the complex to change her locks Monday.

News 2 reached out to the Metro Development and Housing Agency and they tell us the locks were changed before Lampkins moved in.

If you’d like to help Lampkins, you can contact Tomczak via email at

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