Sin City takes on Music City at ‘Fashion House Nashville’ party during COVID-19 pandemic


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly 1,000 people attended a house party in northeast Nashville over the weekend. Videos circulating on social media show party-goers with no masks or social distancing in sight.

People are calling it the ‘super-spreader party’ that took place at a newly built cluster of homes social media listed as the ‘Fashion House Nashville.’

“It was an open bar, there were no restrictions,” said one Nashville resident who tells News 2 he attended the party hoping to make connections for his art business. “Every room I went into in that home was just people front to back just partying, I saw maybe a handful of people with masks on.”

The bash was promoted as an unveiling party for Fashion House Nashville, which is listed on Instagram under Gulch Cosmetic Dentist Jeffrey Matthew’s short term rental brand.

“Strippers, PlayBoy, OnlyFans girls with like a million followers,” the Nashvillian described a scene he was not expecting. “It was the biggest party I’ve ever been to. It was stupid.”

The Fashion House is supposed to be a sister establishment to the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas.

Those posting on social media owned accounts of Las Vegas party promoters, strippers, artists, and influencers. Posts circulating showed naked people getting tattoos and even sexual favors.

“All they do is have weekly parties,” the Nashvillian explained. “It was not a Nashville party, it was Vegas folks and their friends from across the country, people flying in from New York, LA…”

Not only was the party in violation of Metro’s Modified Phase Two public health order for gatherings, but it was also in violation of the property’s zoning.

The property at 21 Fern Avenue is split into three homes– two owned by Matthews and one by Christopher, Shi, Eubank — a Nashville man who posted on Facebook taking responsibility for throwing the party.

The properties are zoned as family dwellings and are not permitted to operate as short term rental.

Mayor John Cooper’s office told News 2 that they’ve “posted a stop use order on this property for illegally operating a commercial business in a residential district.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Videos also showed Metro police cruisers driving by the party and an inquiry into the emergency call center turned up 22 calls from concerned citizens to dispatch during the duration of the party which started before 8 p.m.

“People don’t know that they’re killing other people with this stuff and I’m tired, it killed my best friend, and I’m tired this stuff,” one caller told dispatch. “These folks out there with no masks on, they’re not social distancing, they got naked women back there, somebody’s gotta do something about this.”

The Nashvillian confirmed he saw police drive by two or three times, but they didn’t shut the party down until about 1 a.m.

Metro Police told News 2 in a statement that officers were busy with other calls in the area and they responded to the house at 11:45 p.m. telling the host to shut it down.

They returned to the house to start ticketing and towing cars illegally parked. The statement reads: “As vehicles were being towed, the owner of the party was ordered to shut the party down due the calls that were coming in. He complied and the party was shut down and cleared out by about 1 a.m.  As the party was clearing out, there were calls about shots being fired in the general area, requiring officers at the party house to respond to those.  There were no reports of victims or property damage.”

No citations were given. Two vehicles were towed.

“It’s insane that every business in this city is about to go under and then this party is happening,” one caller told dispatch.

Metro Codes tells News 2 they are investigating and that the penalties for operating a short term rental without a permit are typically court costs and a 3-year injunction.

The day after the party, businesses pictured in videos started taking heat as well.

Not only did people begin posting concerning reviews for Matthew’s dentistry practice regarding possible exposure to COVID-19, but people also began demanding bars take Picker’s Vodka off their shelves after a tent advertised the company.

Owner Jeff Pennington of Pennington Distilling tells News 2 it was a huge misunderstanding.

He said a client of his reached out and asked if Picker’s Vodka could lend one of their 15 mobile bar stand, which Pennington says they do often for events including short term rental bachelorette nights.

He said the people that he allowed to borrow the stand told him it was a photo-shoot with models for the new short term rental he said he would not have given it to them if he knew what it really was.

“We didn’t have anybody there, we didn’t donate the product, we didn’t have anybody going in there promoting,” Pennington told News 2. “But regardless, our lack of oversight was a mistake, and we can’t apologize enough for that.”

Redondo stated that ID’s were checked at the entrance of the property and everyone was asked the “standard” COVID-19 exposure questions. While it was an open bar, Pennington said any Picker’s sold was bought by the promoters and sold on their own.

Vibes Bar Lounge was another local business featured in videos. News 2 called to inquire and an employee said the party hosts ordered their food and picked it up, stating they had no affiliation. News 2 received screenshots of the business promoting their attendance at the event.

The mayor’s office also tells News 2 that they’ve instructed the Metro Nashville Police Department “to conduct a full review of its actions.”

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