MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Murfreesboro businessman said he’ll replace a sign that was torn down Easter weekend by vandals.

Jerry Beaird, owner of MBM Business Solutions, told News 2 a banner reading “Save America, fire President Obama” was torn down for at least the second time in the last year.

“We’re on our second one, maybe our third one,” Beaird said. “This is not about race, skin color, any of that. It’s not about anything other than my opinion of his job performance and what he’s doing that he should not be doing– spending money that we don’t have.”

MBM Business Solutions sits just off busy North Broad Street in Murfreesboro, which is passed by thousands of cars each day. Beaird said he has heard from people who oppose the message, saying the business has received hate mail and several death threats.

However, the response has been largely positive from people who agree with his opinion.

Last July someone cut the sign, removing the words “America and fire” so the sign would read “Save President Obama.”

Beaird has another sign on the side of the building that reads “Obama did not build this business.” He thinks it’s possible vandals didn’t remove it because it is placed near the top of the building.

A worker inside MBM told News 2 the sign that was taken down was found lying on the ground next to the front door. Beaird said he will put up a new sign where the old one hung.

He doesn’t know if it will say the same thing, but “it’ll be similar.” he said.

The 2-by-16 sign is valued at $400.