Shelby Bottoms park-goers on edge after reports of man stalking woman


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police and neighbors in East Nashville are now on high alert after a report of a man stalking women at Shelby Bottoms park.

The conversation started earlier this week on the East Nashville Facebook page when a woman posted that a man followed her for the past few months while she walked at night, but things escalated this week when two nights in a row he got in his car, drove slowly past her, pulled over to watch where she turns, then repeated the pattern following her from the road.

“I’m constantly looking at how many cars go by, looking at the colors make sure they don’t go by multiple times,” Khalaya who was at the park told News 2.

She had seen the post on Facebook warning women. She brings her daughter to the park regularly and says she would never come at night.

“I feel like you put yourself more at a danger at night, because you can’t see your surroundings well,” she told News 2.

While police say they are investigating the report from earlier this week of a stalker in a white Honda, they were also called back to the park again Friday, according to several people at the park.

“I passed a couple of cop cars on the way in here and normally I don’t see that,” Michael David Hall told News 2.

Hall hadn’t heard of the earlier stalking report but did hear of a similar story Friday.

“Right when I got here today, this woman that’s also here she said that they had to call the police because there was a man driving by like 6 or 7 times really slowly and was just looking pretty suspicious,” he explained.

Khalaya saw the car circling the playground as well.

“Just going back and forth. You know this whole park is a circle so it just kept going, looking,” she said.

The recent incidents won’t stop the families that we spoke with from enjoying the beauty of the park with their kids.

“I really, really enjoy it here. For me and my son this is one of our absolute favorite places to come,” Hall explained.

However, they are keeping a closer eye out for one another.

“It seems like people are watching out for each other a lot,” said Hall.

Metro police told News 2 hey didn’t have a report of a call on Friday to the park. However, they said someone matching the description of the suspect from the report earlier this week was pulled over, but that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with anything.

Park police were patrolling the area while we were there and say they have had their fair share of trouble at the park. Both aggravated assault and violent offenses in East Nashville increased more than 7 percent compared to this time last year.

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