NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Families of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting were blinded on Wednesday, as the security video of the shooting was prematurely leaked. Now, experts say they hope we can learn something from the horrific events that unfolded that day. 

The leaked video brings a whole new wave of grief to the families of the 21 Uvalde victims. The video, which was obtained by the Austin American Statesmen, was supposed to be shown privately to the victims’ families, and without audio, before it was released to the public.

The video has been edited and does not show violence or the sounds of children screaming, but it is still very difficult to watch.

What the video does show is law enforcement waiting more than an hour before taking action, even after hearing gunshots ring out inside the classroom.

Brink Fidler, who helps train people for situations just like this, says the video is further proof and confirmation of a lack of leadership.

“I don’t really know why nobody in that situation stepped up. I think they were all looking to each other,” says Fidler. “You’re kind of waiting on somebody else to take the lead, that didn’t happen. And as a result of that, it was one hour and 14 minutes I guess before they did anything.”

Fidler says the video also confirms what a lot of experts like him already knew, the response was an abject failure in law enforcement.

“I think it sheds a light on a lack of confidence of every law enforcement officer to be able to formulate a plan and be confident enough in your room entry skills to breach that door. Or as we found out didn’t even need breaching because it was unlocked and enter that room and take out the threat,” says Fidler. 

Fidler says law enforcement is part of the solution, but they’re not the whole solution. Common sense things like locking the doors to the building and classrooms should be standard. That, and the timing for the response to any incident is crucial.

“In the first three minutes, just barely over three minutes, he fired 100 rounds,” says Fidler. “So the majority of the damage was done when those officers entered the building. Granted, they should have done some other things, but let’s talk about that three-minute window.”

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Fidler does hope, however, the video will help train law enforcement agencies in the future.

“I just hope it does spark some change in law enforcement to get more training around this topic to give more confidence to the officers that do show up to that where they won’t hesitate. If you have that much confidence in your room-entry skills and your team environment, then I don’t think we’ll have hesitation like we did in this case,” says Fidler.