Sean Spicer opens up about his time as White House Press Secretary


Sean Spicer embraced the spotlight as White House Press Secretary.

But he now admits he made mistakes.

“It’s not so much regret, it’s that I learned from those days,” said Spicer

Spicer sat down with us to talk about his six months behind the podium.
Including the now infamous moment in January 2017 that some say doomed him from the start.

He’s talking about the day he said, “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period…both in person…and around the globe” 

“I don’t think there’s anyone that walked away from that day, in the press corps, or on my team, or myself, that would say that was the best foot forward, we want to lead with,” said Spicer

Spicer’s untruths were called out by the press and mocked by Saturday night live.

Spicer left the White House last summer. Now he’s selling a “tell all book” about his experiences in the West Wing…

Spicer says he’s still figuring out his next gig…including potentially launching a TV talk show. But he says he has no desire to end up back at the White House

The Rhode Island native says his family plans to stay in DC and stresses he doesn’t miss the White House pressure cooker…

“It’s hard to describe how intense these jobs are.”  He adds, “They truly are 24/7 jobs”

Spicer plans to travel coast to coast to share his experience.
And he hopes Americans will give him a second chance now that’s he away from the podium.

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