NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Parents across Middle Tennessee are voicing their frustrations over school transportation. After talking with multiple school districts, parents attribute longer bus commute times to a bus driver shortage.

Some parents are also seeing their children’s bus routes removed.

“Right now, my kids don’t have a bus,” Theresa Stewart said. “We need to do something as parents and address this issue with the school board.”

In late October, a large group of Metro Nashville bus drivers protested low pay and bad working conditions. They spoke about how they will not quit out of the love they have for their students.

MNPS has since addressed those issues and told me they are developing a support employee pay plan with a market review to provide better salaries.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools are also dealing with these issues. They told News 2 the 100-driver shortage is causing both a.m. and p.m. route delays.

Right now, they are offering several incentives to recruit more drivers. This includes a sign-on bonus, referral bonus, stipends for driving extra routes, performance end of the year bonus and new training for CMCSS employees to become bus drivers after completion of their regular duties.

Murfreesboro City Schools and Rutherford County Schools do not have a driver shortage.