NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Thursday, a second grader brought a loaded handgun to Park Avenue Elementary in West Nashville.

But that was the third student caught with a weapon since school started three weeks ago. Metro Police said two of those students were under eight-years-old.

“First I was really shocked because of the age. Second I was really grateful that no one got hurt,” MNPS School Board Member Fran Bush said.

Youth Services Capt. Jason Proctor said parents need to be vigilant about keeping their guns secure with either gun locks or safes.

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“It should be alarming, but unfortunately it’s becoming a little bit more common than we’d like it to be,” Proctor said. “This particular gun was reported they found it in a dresser. The kid had had it for a couple of weeks hiding under his bed. And for unknown reasons decided yesterday was the day he was going to take it to school.”

Bush said gun owners need to do better in order to protect children from getting into harms way.

“Let this be another lesson to us all that have weapons in our homes that we make sure we put these weapons away. Don’t think for one moment the kids aren’t paying attention. They are paying attention. They watch us all the time,” Bush said.

Bush would like to see more school resource officers within the public schools.

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“‘Cause elementary schools and middle schools do not have SRO’s. So we have got to find a way and figure out how we’re going to protect our schools. Because kids are getting younger and younger and younger bringing weapons to schools,” Bush said.

Bush has requested a discussion about security for the next school board meeting.