Rutherford County population is growing, and so are number of jobs


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – One Middle Tennessee area that’s experiencing exceptional growth is Rutherford County.

If you’ve been to Murfreesboro lately, you know there’s something new pretty much every week. There is construction on almost every corner.

It’s ranked the Number One fastest growing city in Tennessee, and the 10th fastest growing city in the country, so it could be the place to go if you want to start a business.

There are a number of things that make Rutherford County desirable.

“Our great school system. Affordability in terms of housing, and I guess first and foremost, we have jobs. Last year alone, we had over 1400 new jobs. The prior year about 2400 new jobs, so people are coming here and living and working,” said Paul Latture, Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce President.

The top private sector employers in the county are Nissan North America, Inc, with 8500 employees, Ingram Content Group, with more than 1800 employees, and State Farm Insurance Company, with 1650 employees.

“What we try to do is recruit new jobs with bigger companies, which we think sets the stage for smaller companies, entrepreneurs and others to really grow small businesses in our area from a retail perspective or from a service standpoint. It’s a great place,” Latture told News 2.

Three companies are expanding in Smyrna, which will create more than 300 jobs in the next five years. You can expect 80 new jobs at Valeo North America, 67 new jobs at Franke Foodservice Systems and 170 new jobs over next 5 years at NFI.

Latture calls the growth “phenomenal.”

“If you look at the last census track over the last 10 years, the county’s grown at a 44% rate in terms of population, and projected growth is about that same pace, if not more,” he said.

Right now, there are approximately 310,750 people in Rutherford County. That breaks down to 132,379 people living in Murfreesboro, 47,926 in Smyrna, 38,077 in La Vergne and 697 in Eagleville.

It’s projected that 28,000 more people will move to Rutherford County in the next four years. So as fast as the county is growing, can it keep up with those numbers?

“That’s the challenge, and the good thing is it’s a great challenge to have to try to overcome. But yeah, if you look at the need to build schools, the need for infrastructure in terms of roads and utilities, certainly I think our leadership has done a great job from the public and private side to try to address the growth and to address future growth,” said Latture.

He also told News 2 that we can expect to see continued growth in the hotel industry, as well as more new retail businesses and restaurants. He said two of the busiest areas for growth in Rutherford County are the Medical Center Parkway Corridor, and the Blackmon area.

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