Rutherford County is asking residents with flood damage to file damage reports


After water rushed through several neighborhoods, Rutherford County is asking for damage reports. 

The reports flooded our newsroom Saturday, as water crossed roadways, and crept dangerously close to homes. 

“We’re trying the best that we can to take this water, and divert it into the backyard so the water level will go down,” said Brian Ashford, while fighting flooding in a Rutherford County yard on Friday. 

If your home was damaged, the county would like to learn more. 

T.K. Kast, with Rutherford County Emergency Management, says flooding resulted in part, from record rainfall and record development. 

“We still need to go through the process of collecting information, collecting cost,” he said.

Kast later explained, “all this development, the water’s gotta go somewhere. Sometimes when you get this much, it doesn’t go where you want it to.”

The flooding led to issues, scattered throughout southern Rutherford County. 

For those who followed flooding coverage Saturday, much of the spotlight was on the Royal Glen Subdivision. 

Local agencies and neighbors came together, filling sandbags to save a home. 

“I am just overwhelmed,” noted homeowner Gina Kellum on Saturday. “The response from our neighbors in the neighborhood, the county, has just been overwhelming.”

The subdivision was one of a few trouble spots, including neighborhoods off Shores Drive, and St. Andrews Parkway. 

County officials are now seeking reports for possible federal assistance, and to be able to help plan for future weather events. 

“You always want to know where you might have a problem later on,” said Kast. 

Rutherford County residents who want to file  damage reports should send their reports to 

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