Rutherford Co. resolution to lower speed limit on Halloween passes following tragic accident


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn (WKRN) — A tragic accident has turned into a positive change in Rutherford County.

On Thursday, Rutherford County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution asking drivers to slow down in residential areas on Halloween night. This comes after a motorist hit and killed 13-year-old Nate Isbell last year on October 31.

Isbell’s parents, Janeesa Perkins and Chuck Isbell, say their lives changed forever eight months ago. Their son went skateboarding with his friends on Halloween night and never came home.

“I don’t think devastation is a good enough word to use for it,” Perkins said.

“No parent should have to ever go through what we went through,” Isbell said. “Halloween is supposed to be a time of joy for kids. It’s just a stupid holiday. You get to dress up and run around collecting candy and move on to the next house. You shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff!”

The resolution asks drivers to exercise caution and not exceed speeds over 25 miles per hour when traveling through neighborhoods and residential areas on Halloween night.

“I’ve said before that we won’t know how good the law works because those children get to live. Those parents don’t have to pick out a headstone. We’ll never know, but hopefully it will be very successful, and people will think twice on Halloween how fast they go in residential neighborhoods,” Perkins said.

Rutherford County Commissioner, Michael Wrather, drafted the resolution and read it aloud at Thursday’s meeting offering his condolences to the family.

“There’s not a worse tragedy I can imagine than the passing of one of my kids and I think everybody could agree with that,” Wrather said.

The resolution goes into effect this October in Rutherford County. Nate’s parents hope other communities across the state will consider adopting similar legislation.

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