Rumors debunked by Clarksville Police at Governor’s Square Mall


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Clarksville Police received a call Saturday evening of a fight in progress at the Governor’s Square Mall, near the front entrance.

According to the police, someone advised that they saw a gun.

According to CPD, there was never a discharge of a firearm reported.  

Officers arrived on the scene and monitored the people coming out but saw no one with a weapon, or anybody acting inappropriately. 

According to reports, another officer who was working off-duty security for a mall business then came out the front and advised us he did not come across anything that would raise his suspicions from inside. 

The officers remained on scene to make sure the people coming and going could do so peacefully and safely. 

An officer came across the two victims who told him they got jumped by a group of boys. 

A female witness stated she saw one of the suspects as he was running out of the mall with a gun in his hand.

She advised that the person got into a truck and left.  

According to CPD, a report is being done for assault on this and according to the victims, a gun was never introduced in the assault. 

At no time did any officer announce for the mall to be locked down, and since no shot was fired, police did not go into any type of active shooter response mode. 

If the mall were locked down, it was mall personnel, or the individual stores doing it on their own accord. 

Officers conducted a walkthrough just for security purposes before they left the scene.

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